OddPod Coffee | How we Estimate your Savings

How we Estimate the Savings

Our savings calculator formula compares the prices of a Nespresso pod and the cost of ground coffee (equivalent weight is 5 grams). The difference is then multiplied by the approximate annual capsule consumption, which is based on the number you've entered.

We also account for the cost of OddPods, to demonstrate that even with $39.95 additional spending you end up saving money in the first year.

One thing we cannot account for is whether your household will switch over entirely to using refillable pods, or if you will mix it in with the single-use capsules. So if you want to dig deeper, below is a detailed breakdown of the calculation.

The numbers we use in the calculation (prices in AUD) -

Price of a single Nespresso pod:


Price of ground coffee per kg:


5 grams of ground coffee: $0.21
Price of OddPod 1-Pack: $39.95
Days in a year: 365

So if the number of days you enter is n, the formula will return:
Savings in Year 1 = (* 365 * 0.71) - 39.95 - (* 365 * 0.21) 

Savings in Year 2 onwards = (* 365 * 0.71) - (* 365 * 0.21)