The OddPod 3-Pack for Nespresso®️ Original – OddPod Coffee

The OddPod 3-Pack for Nespresso* Original

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 Your OddPod pack includes: 

  • 3 stainless steel reusable capsules
  • A stainless steel tamper

Why 3 is the best number?

OddPod’s require a little more TLC than their awful disposable cousins. But only an extra minute or so is required to fill them with delicious coffee and clean them afterwards - well worth it for the savings to your hip pocket and the planet!  This extra effort is basically the same whether you have 1 OddPod, 3 or even 10. Most people find 3 the perfect amount to last them a day or two, as it means they can refill and clean them together, making things more efficient. In fact, with 3, it’s almost as convenient as using disposable pods, without the guilt of course! 

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Compatible Nespresso machines:

Essenza Mini, Pixie and CitiZ. Full guide here